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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Breaking:400 capacity dorm on fire in usenge high as 3 other top schools currently Striking

JUST IN: 400-bed capacity hostel at
Usenge Boys High School is currently on fire. Rang'ala Boys and Chulaimbo are reportedly experiencing unrest and are in running battles with Police. What is happening to our schools? Other schools currently on fire and rampage also are Chulaimbo is on fire while Rangala boys on running battles with police. 

National school maranda was closed few days ago after students went on rampage and striked.

Education cabinet secretary hon Amina should close all secondary schools in Nyanza for investigations on these issues. Maranda boys closed Kisumu girls closed Ngiya girls closed Ambira boys closed Otieno yoo closed Maliera closed Usenge on fire Chulaimbo on fire Rangala boy on running battles .

There is a wave of school fired and strikes in Nyanza province and it should be looked keenly.

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