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Thursday, 5 July 2018

7 most beautiful kalenjin Celebrities

Kalenjin Celebrities are increasing in large numbers over the past few years.
They are taking over in both music,art and acting.
From msupa S to Matilda indeed kalenjin Celebraties are blessed.
Here are 7 most beautiful kalenjin Celebraties.
1.Maureen Koech.
She is a Kenyan actor.She is most known for her popular role in tv drama series lies that bind in KTN Kenya.

She must be the most beautiful kalenjin Lady ever.

Matilda is known for her role in Kawangware house helps where she was njugunas girlfriend.
She is also a singer and MC.

She is very pretty and Charming.

3.Msupa S
Msupa s is a kalenjin rapper and singer.
Her videos went viral where she raps in heavy Kalenjin accent.
She featured with kaligraph Jones in a video that went viral called utajua haujui.

4.2.Vanessa Chettle (Cheruto)
She is a socialliate an an even organizer.
She is really beautiful.

5.Chemutai Sage.
She is number one kalenjin singer owing to her strong vocals.
She has few hit songs and his rabbit kaka sungura second wife.
Together they have one daughter.

6.Phy Mwihaki Ngetich
Most of us know her from the Maisha magic super star competition where she emerged as the winner.

She is popular for her tv show waridi which aired few years ago.
She has also a hit kalenjin song.

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