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Friday, 20 July 2018

5 photos of beautiful Kenyan lady Evelyn misumi who robbed USA bank and video of her Robbing the bank

It is also reported that she poured the gasoline and lighter fluid on the bank's floor and demanded money from the cashiers while waving the hammer.

It was alleged that Evelyn also planned to use the hammer for breaking the cash drawers.
However, her attempts failed when bank officials called 911 forcing her to flee the scene before she was subdued.

After police came Evelyn misumi tried to escape by running towards her car, she rushed to the car and grabbed her 11 month baby and tried to use her as human shield but police managed to arrest her and took her to jail while baby was taken to baby care to protect her.

Here is the video
Watch here

Here are photos of Evelyn misumi/courtesy Evelyn misumi Facebook.

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