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Friday, 6 July 2018

5 most dangerous Nairobi gangsters of this century silenced by Hessy

1.Mwane sparta
Mwane Sparta is the most lethal thug.He tops this list.
Mwane Sparta has been linked to most deaths of police officers in the capital city. He has been described as lethal and trigger happy.police hunted for him for the better part of this year and only managed to gun him down late August this year putting to an end to the most feared thug in the 21st century.
Mwane Sparta was killed in waithite, a small village near Juja town. His girlfriend named prettiest thug was killed also few months ago.

Mwane Sparta and his fellow thugs.Mwane was leader if dreaded Gaza family

Teddy goes by that only one name.Teddy was second in command after mwane Sparta. Teddy was killed in December last year and according to Hessy an online police officer, police have intensified searches after teddy death and his remaining gang and very soon others will know he does not know, a phrase the police officer likes using very much.
Teddy is assumed to have taken over Gaza leadership after death of mwane.

He died later also

Mwane and teddy

3.Tomaso Gagula
Tomaso was a loved thug.3 years after his death people still pay tribute to him.
He was a leader of mauki family, a feared gang which ruled most parts in the better part of 2013.
Tomaso was killed by flying squad police after his gang was trailed while trying to rob a lorry carying gas cylinders.
People described gagula as a man of the people. Funny enough he came fro a rich family.

Junior was a lethal and petty thug whose tools of trade was a knife.He killed many people according to information provided by hessy accounts in social media.Junior was so ruthless that he was accused if stabbing women Who were going to soko early in the morning, this made him one of the most hated thugs.
Junior was gunned down few weeks ago.

A photo of junior.

5. Kevin lumidee
Kevin lumidee is the founder if the Gaza family, it his believed he was the one who started recruiting young men to the gang after founding it back in 2012.
Lumidee was gunned down few months after predicting his own death on Facebook.
Here is his last post on Facebook
Kevo Lumidee
i av a few days 2 live cz am in a criaz situation am if i dnt stop ts hobby am gona be dead plz god help me.

Via mail guardian Kenya 

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