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Monday, 9 July 2018

5 cheap phones Under 7,000 smartphones in kenya 2018

With the growing number of internet users in Kenya and Africa there has been a huge demand for smartphones in the country.
Kenya is the third country with highest number of internet users after south Africa and Nigeria.
Egypt has also a huge number of internet users.

Here are the top cheapest mobile phones in 2018 with their prices according to data in jumia kenya which is standard prices of the phones in the kenya market.
Ibrit is the latest entrant in the kenyan market, this phone comes with amazing features of top high end Mobile phone.
Check out this amazing features.
iBRITiBRIT SPEED X -5.0'' internal storage- 16G
Ram - 1GB
8MP Camera
Dual SIM - 4G/LTE - Black + Free Case

The price is 6499.

Screen shot from jumia kenya website.

2.Viwa i7

It's also new brand in the market with amazing features for price of under 4,000 kenyan shillings.
Here are its features.
ViwaViwa i7
Internal memory 8GB 512MB RAM
2.0MP Camera
Dual SIM - 3G

It comes in Green and other colors


Screen shot from jumia kenya website

3.freetel priori 4
It is also a new brand in the market with amazing features.
It boasts a screen size of 5 inches which is relatively huge according to the standards of Kenyan Mobile Phones.
Here are its amazing features.
FreetelFreetel Priori 4
Internal memory- 16GB - 2GB RAM
-4G network
-8MP Camera - Dual SIM - Black and other colors.
Price 5999

Screen shot from jumia kenya website.

4.Hisense u962
You probably know hisense for ther affordable televisions.
They have now entered the phone market
Here are amazing features of hisense

Screen shot From jumia kenya website
-Internal memory 8GB -1GB RAM (Dual SIM), Gold
-3 g network

5.Wiko Jerry 2
Wiko Is one of the top brands curing the kenyan market having being around for more than 5 years.
Here is features of the phone.
Wiko Jerry2
-5.0" display
-8GB internal memory -1GB -Ram
5MP -Camera
(Dual SIM) sim card

Price 5,999

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