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Monday, 9 July 2018

4 critical questions deputy president refused to answer yesterday in NTV interview

Deputy president is one of the most popular politicians in the country so far with all political activities in the country revolving around him

Yesterday he did a rare interview with NTV mark massai to talk about jubilee and current political climate in the country.
Here are 4 questions the deputy president refused to answer completely.

Ruto refused completely to answer questions about his net worth and said that he is not the richest man in the country and surely he will not be in anytime soon but he is not doing bad.
He went ahead to rubish the claims about his net worth with now family phrase.
Mtoto wa maskini nkipata ameiba lakini mtoto wa tajiri akipata Ni mali ya baba yake.

2.Visit to Moi at kabarak home
Ruto few Months ago visited Moi at his kabarak home but he was blocked from seeing the former president after waiting for 3 hours
When mark massai asked him about the visit to Moi Ruto said that it was a private matter and refused to delve much into the issue.

If tanga tanga movement is political campaign
Ruto refused to discuss his Tanga movement movement campaigns.
Mark: Is it a campaign or not?

Ruto: Nothing has changed.

Mark: So is it a campaign or not a campaign

Ruto: Nothing has changed. Do you know the job of a Deputy President?

He maintained that he has been doing what he is doing now since 2013

Racism at SGR
Ruto refused to discuss claims of racism at SGR but went ahead an highlighted benefits of SGR.
Coming up with most famous phrase now
SGR si matatu.

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