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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Rutos children:From oldest Nick to youngest Nadia

Nick Ruto
Nick Ruto is Oldest Ruto child.Nick Ruto is a lawyer and just like his father he is a good politician and a public speaker.
He was to run for turbo Parliamentary seat in 2017 but changed his mind.

2.June Ruto
June Ruto is the darling daughter to deputy president William Ruto.
She has been described as daddys girl.she went to Gilgil highschool and is a journalist by profession.
She is the third born.

3.Charlene Ruto
She is the second born of deputy president children. She looks like twin sister of June Ruto.
Ruto’s second born daughter Charlene was among hundreds of students from Daystar University in Athi River who graduated with a communications degree.

4. Stephanie Ruto
Not much is known about her but she is still school.

5.A  son
Ruto has two sons with Nick Ruto being the oldest not much is known about the younger son as he is still schooling.

6.Nadia cherop Ruto
Ruto adopted daughter.
Ruto went into a children's home and was touched by Nadia story and he decided to adopt her.

7.Abby Ruto
Ruto early last year admitted that she has one child outside marriage and has said that he is not ashamed of her daughter Nadia.
He said that he takes care of her just like her other children.

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