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Monday, 18 June 2018

Ruto breaks silence Explains source of his wealth

Raila odinga today in coastal region of Kenya questioned Ruto source of wealth where he has been able to tanga tanga and Randa Randa to all parts of Kenya dishing out money.

Raila questioned why Ruto is giving out money yet we all know his salary.
Raila odinga also said that Ruto presidency is not guaranteed and that he will work hard to ensure that it never happens by changing the Constitution to allow all tribes in Kenya to have equal opportunity to the presidency in 2022.

Raila sentiments seemed to anger Ruto, speaking yesterday in a function immediately after Raila odinga meeting.
Ruto said that .
"mimi si mchoyo kama Raila Odinga, ata kwa bibilia wamesema ukiwa nayo peana, mimi badala nijenge nyumba ya 1 billion kama Raila odinga, nitasaidia wananchi kupitia Harambee kujenga mahospitali,shule Na Makanisa.

Loosely translated to mean "I am not selfish like Raila I will continue helping people to build hospitals, schools and churches and I will not use my money to build a 1 billion house".

Ruto also added.
"Mimi nilienda Sunday school nanajua mwenye anapeana anabarikiwa basi wasishangae kwanini mm anabarikiwa".

Loosely translated to say"I went to Sunday school and I know if I give I will be blessed even more so they should not worry about when am blessed."

Ruto made it clear that the fact he gives God gives him more and his businesses also thrive because he likes helping people.

Ruto has been condemned by section of the media after his net worth rose rapidly over the last few years

Ruto is currently the 12th richest person in the country.

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