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Friday, 29 June 2018

Photos: Details about willy Raburu beautiful wife Mary Ngami and Ex wife sally mbilu

Popular Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu and his wife recently walked down the aisle and the two, if what they’ve been displaying on social media is anything to go by, are having the times of their lives.

They held a secretive wedding ceremony few years ago and the 10/10 co-host is not ashamed to show his beautiful wife to the public.

According to Raburu, Mary Raburu has helped him get closer to God, that she’s also been praying for him on a daily basis. He also goes to add that she’s made him become a better man by encouraging to pray and maintain a healthy body by eating well to maintain his huge body to maintainable level.
Raburu also revealed that his wife Mary Raburu encouraged him to work out to reduce his skyrocketing cholesterol levels.

The two love birds are very religions and can be seen going together to church and praying Every Sunday.

Prior to that willis Raburu was linked to fellow presenter Sally mbilu who also works in the media industry.

Sally mbilu and willis Raburu broke up before willis married Mary ngami.

Last photo: Raburu with ex girlfriend Sally mbilu 

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