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Monday, 18 June 2018

Matiangi to visit all villages in Kenya, Here is why

Interior Coordination Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiangi, has said he is not currently busy at his office.
He says he will now use the opportunity to hunt down thieves and gamblers at the village level.
Speaking in Dagoretti when he witnessed the destruction of over  1,000 gambling machines, Matiangi said there is 'little' to do in his office now.
He said that he will be supervising his officers in their respective working stations.
"There is little in my office and sometimes I spend the whole day doing nothing.”
“In fact, my work should be visiting villages," Matiangi said.
“I will be moving to various regions across the country as we execute our duties.”

“The President wants us to be close to people,” Matiangi added.

Matiangi main agenda will be to end the Chinese gambling machines which are ruining millions of children life's and need to be destroyed completely.

During the eveventent at Dagoretti South, Matiang'i reconciled with his rival, Simba Arati, who he has been contesting with over whom among them is the top Gusii spokesperson

Via The Kenyan DAILY POST

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