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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Kikuyu elders name their preferred 2022 presidential candidate and its not Ruto or Gideon Moi

Kikuyu elders have already broken their silence about 2022 elections.
The 2022 elections will be a kalenjin affair with William Ruto and Gideon Moi already being clear front runners.
A recent opinion poll showed deputy president William Ruto leading by a huge margin closely followed by Gideon Moi.
Kikuyu elders have now claimed that they have no clear favorite for 2022 Elections and will negotiate with all presidential candidates for 2022 race.
“We shall not rely on any politician to negotiate on our behalf, because most of them will be after their own personal interests,” Muthoga said.
He said the community has not sent anyone to negotiate with the Deputy President"
“We have no issues with anybody. Ruto is a good person and very supportive to our President and we love him. He is one of the candidates we expect to negotiate with during the electioneering period.”
This is clear indication that the elders from the Kikuyu community are ready to support another person other than Ruto.
They can as well support their own Kikuyu like Peter Kenneth for the top seat.
The sentiment was meant to show that they don't owe anyone support

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