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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Details Of Night Meeting by Jubilee MPs to Remove Hon Murkomen as Senate Majority Leader

A group of MPs and Senators from Rift Valley held a meeting yesterday night and resolved to remove Murkomen as chairman of the Rift Valley Senators and MPs Parliamentary Group.
The leaders said they are not amused by statements made by the Elgeyo Marakwet Senator about divisions between President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto terming his conduct divisive.
They leaders have not taken lightly remarks Murkomen made on Sunday on Citizen TV, where he claimed the people opposed to Ruto’s 2022 bid are within the President’s Office.
“We have a concern about the existence of a small wing of individuals serving within government at the Office of the President, government ministries who are spending most of their time to plant discord in the Jubilee Party,” he said.
Just to assert that his goose might b cooked, majority of jubilee senators were by yesterday reaching out to their NASA counterparts in an aggressive scheme to replace Murkomen as the Senate Majority leader.
The Senators accuse Murkomen of incompetence, arrogance and irresponsibility.
They further accuse him of disrespecting the President and further abandoning his duties as Senate majority leader for 2022 succession politics.
Yesterday in a press conference, MPs Alfred Keter (Nandi Hills), Silas Teren (Moiben) and Joshua Kutuny (Cherangany) castigated Murkomen for saying the lifestyle audit ordered by the President was meant to undermine DP Ruto and his quest for the presidency.
Kutuny described Murkomen’s statements as divisive and demeaning to the President.
“His statement is unfortunate, reckless and meant to injure the image of the President. I ask him to come out boldly and tell the country what he knows about the ‘cartel’ he purports controls and are arm-twisting the head of state,” Kutuny said.
The legislators said there was nothing political in Uhuru’s call for a thorough lifestyle audit of key public officers.
“We support the lifestyle audit as the best way forward to get those who loot public resources telling how they get what they have,” Keter said.
“It is not political. Anybody panicking or thinking some communities are being fought [is wrong]. No community is under threat,” Kutuny said.
Murkomen also suggested the lifestyle audit was intended to destabilise leadership of the Kalenjin community.
However, Keter told Murkomen to stop dragging the whole community into personal scuffles best addressed elsewhere.
He said people who steal and loot don’t do it on behalf of their communities or families, but themselves. The MP said no one will be spared in the fight against corruption.
“Let nobody start lecturing us that the community is being targeted…Oooh it is like they targeting an individual from our community. No, there no individual under attack,” he said.
Moiben MP Tiren said they will not allow ‘individuals’ to tribalise and politicize the lifestyle audit.

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