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Saturday, 30 June 2018

5 lethal Wives of Nairobi gangsters who remained loyal until the end

Nairobi gangsters are one of the ruthless in Africa and even across the world.
The number of thugs in Nairobi are increasing everyday and Nairobi police are working extra hard to maintain law and order.
Female gangsters have also started mushrooming and they are also increasing at an alarming rate.
Most female gangsters are always wives or girlfriends to most wanted gangsters and are working with their husbands helping them in their crime spree and also helping them carry weapons.
Here are 5 wives to Nairobi gangsters who remained loyal to their dangerous husbands.
1.Claire mwaniki.
Claire mwaniki alias Claire adi vybz was one of the most ruthless female thug .
She was a financial controller in dangerous Gaza gang and also was wife of dangerous criminal Mwane Sparta.
Claire stuck with his husband in his criminal activities

she was gunned down April Last year.
Mwane was gunned 4 months later in August.

2.Marsha Minaj
Marsha Minaj was a close associate of Mwane Sparta and Claire mwaniki Gang.
She was the one responsible for recruiting other girls and also carrying guns.

She stuck with the gang until she was gunned down with her boyfriend few months after Claire njoki was gunned down.

3.Mary Wanjiku Kiririmbi (wife of Bernard Matheri): When Mary Wanjiku met and fell in love with most wanted criminal Bernard Matheri alias Rasta, he gave her an AK-47 to show her his love. She became his second wife and later joined his gang of three. Together they rained terror on Nairobi residents until she was finally arrested in 1999 and jailed for seven years.

Matheri wife courtesy.

4.Felista Wanjiru and second Wife (wife of Simon Matheri):

Matheri second wife
After wanted gangster Simon Matheri was gunned down in 2007, his wife, Felista Wanjiru, was arrested and charged with harbouring a criminal. She pleaded guilty to the charges and revealed that she knew about his activities and had begged him to quit for the sake of their children. She was later released on appeal.
Both matheri two wife stuck with him although he was one of the most wanted criminals in Kenya.
5.Njeri Ali's njee
Wife to notorious thug by the name Kim.We are not sure if Kim has been gunned down but here is hessy last warning to the couple last month.
"# KIM from Dandora phs 2, i want u and
# MAKAVELI to know u were supposed to be dead by yesterday along side ua crime partners #BOSIRE and others, u managed to escape narrowly, I understand u are second in command from Makaveli: ua girlfriend well known as #NJEE from
# MailiSaba is also part of ua gang group and she plays the obvious role, ferrying guns when going and coming from ua illegal operations especially within the areas of Dandora, Baraka Mowlem, Maili saba, Kayole, Mathare and Mwiki: now get this from me, ILE NYUNGU YA KUCHEMSHA DAWA YENU TUSHANUNUA, the clock is ticking!!!"

We don't know if Njeri Ali's njee will reform time will tell.

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