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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Popular mp almost lynched after caught in act with university of Nairobi student in car

This is what the star corridors posted yesterday.

A city MP was on Saturday night forced to part with lots of cash after students at the University of Nairobi caught him in the act with a student in the car. The well-known legislator had parked his tinted car near Nairobi primary when students who knew his car, found him romping. The students blackmailed the MP that they will post his pictures on the internet if he didn’t give them cash. Shaken, the legislator pulled a wad of notes from his jacket and gave the 10 or so students, who then let him to drive away with his skimpily dressed girl. Members of Parliament are known to pick university girls on Friday and bring them back on Sunday evening.

The name of the mp was withheld but sources privy to the information say he is very popular and well known.

The cases of young students being linked to powerful and influential people in society has risen.

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