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Monday, 21 May 2018

Miracle:This how robbers Caught confused after breaking into prophet Owour Church

Robbers broke into one of Prophet David Owuor’s church in Nakuru’s Naka Estate over the weekend making away with two crates of sodas.
According to church members, the robbers broke into to the church at around on Friday when the watchman in charge of the area had left for home.
The robbers did not touch on the electronics in the church and only chose to steal sodas.
Another member of the church said there is possibility that the robbers were afraid of making away with the church electronics.
“We still don’t understand why the robbers just decided to steal soda crates and not the electronics which are valuable. Maybe they were afraid of being traced,” they said.
The church is located in Naka estate next to section 58 police dog unit.
Prophet Owuor is known for his prophesies and another church member who worships at The Repentance and Holiness, Heshima altar said the thieves feared the Mighty Prophet of God.
"It's a miracle they did not steal those electronics, that is a miracle," he said.

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