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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Video:Kirinyaga Deputy Governor pants down With Another man wife

Kenyans today witnessed drama after kirinyaga deputy Governor was caught pants down with another mans wife.
The deputy Governor who was a well known public figure is seen from the video Begging for forgiveness and then offering 40,000 kenyan shillings.

The deputy governor is seen sitting n#ked as the attackers attack him and question him in Kikuyu language.
Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri has been allegedly caught sleeping with another man’s wife at the devolution conference being held in Kakamega.
The woman’s husband caught the duo in the act and recorded the video that is now trending online. Three Kikuyu men are seen on video assaulting the governor and his lover. Kenyans online have condemned the attack saying it was primitive for the youth to attack two consenting adults.
Since consumption of Monkey meat become a delicacy in Mt Kenya, there seem to be a rise in libido among middle aged men. The Deputy governor is in his early 40s while the lady seems under 32 with at least one kid of about 3 years given her firm boobs.

Watch video here

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