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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Ruto speaks About the proposed 1 term president and powerful prime minister

Ruto finally spoke about the proposed change of constitution by kamket legislator who wanted to change the constitution.
Ruto who was in development tour in bomet had the following statement.

“Leaders, especially those elected in Jubilee Party, should know that we have a manifesto that needs to be implemented as we promised the people during the last campaigns. This is why we have no room for politics as we must deliver on our agenda,” he stated.
“As leaders, we should be fair to the people of Kenya who voted for us, by serving them. It’s not time for us to go round talking about changing the Constitution to create some positions and attain our selfish interests at the expense of service delivery.
"Kenyans want roads, hospitals and schools to be built. They want how millions of jobs can be created for them, they want decent houses but not engaging in politics from Sunday to Sunday, January to December or from one year to the other," he was quoted by local media.

Ruto who is jubilee leader made the remarks after proposal to have parliament ammend the constitution and have a powerful prime minister with president being nominated by parliament.

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