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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Ngunyi reveals the only Odinga who will be president its not Raila

Controversial political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has predicted that opposition leader Raila Odinga's daughter Winnie Odinga will be Kenya's first female president.
In his weekly show The Fifth Estate, Prof Ngunyi noted that the Opposition leader will never become Kenyan president.
“In my view, we should show some grace towards Raila Odinga, the way Uhuru Kenyatta has shown him a lot of grace. Surely, he deserves some respect. However, he would never become the president of Kenya. It is over for him. Now he is nothing but a tired dinosaur in Jurassic park of politics," he said.
The prof, however, explained that though it was over for Odinga, it is not over for the Odinga’s family since Raila’s daughter will rule the country after the deputy President William Ruto.
“His daughter Winnie Odinga would become the first woman president of Kenya after William Ruto,” he opined.

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