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Sunday, 4 March 2018

More trouble for Keter as close ally and Governor dump him after losing petition

Alfred keter is fighting a fight he will never win.
Going against William Ruto in rift valley is like chasing wind.
Many have tried but failed miserably, Keter is no exceptional, he is now going against government and Ruto directly
Mandago who was a close ally to Alfred keter in the run up to August 8 poll has now abandoned him.
Here is mandago message.
"They (Keter and Bowen Kangongo) are frustrating the Deputy President and we cannot allow they to blackmail us," he said.

"I urge them to drop the rebellious attitude and join hands with the DP in strategizing for 2022.
He added.

Keter is facing the biggest hurdle of his life after high court nullified is August 8 win.He has said he will appeal.
If he goes back to the ballot it will be the biggest political battle in his life.

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