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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Facebook app Correctly predicts Death of a Kenyan Lady

A kenyan lady who was in hospital was just scrolling her phone looking at Facebook news feed and catch up with friends.
That was on January 17 this year then she came across this app which predicts what 2018 holds for you.
The app goes by the name testony..

She decided to get some encouragement about what the year holds for them.
And shocking here was the reply.
"You will die and your family will enjoy your money "

She quickly took to social media and shared her frustration about the app.
Here is what she shared.

"Dear Mildred Atty Owiso . Imagine you're down very sick in bed over Xmas , then you pick your phone to check on your pals and see their activities. Then you come upon an app that tell you what the year holds for your and your meet this. Are these sites invaded by mean heartless swinderlers? Nilishangaa haki. Uzuri nimepona though hiyo 2018 bado ni mbichi(I was surprised although 2017 is still early am feeling Better)

She was clearly fricked out by the prediction.
Sadly enough less than 2 months later she passed on yesterday just like the Facebook app predicted.

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