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Friday, 2 February 2018

Wetangula recognizes President Uhuru Kenyatta as president Days after swearing in ceremony

“The harassment, intimidation and humiliation of opposition leaders is primitive and only leads to polarizing the country even more. stop it.” The Senator tweeted.
He was reacting to an incident at the Runda home of the self-appointed NRM General Miguna Miguna where officers from the dreaded flying squad raided and arrested him.
Below see a few comments by the outraged supporters of Nasa:
Bryan Mutiga (@Bryanmutiga1): You keep confusing us sana, it’s now ‘opposition leaders’. Then why did you swear in Raila? To make him happy and peacefully move on? Kindly remind Mbadi and the rest to accept that you are OPPOSITION LEADERS.!

Moses Omolo (@omolomoses1): We are not in opposition. HE. President Raila and Nasa supporters are in people’s government. So opposition ni wewe, Judas and Barnabas.

Clearly NASA supporters were not happy with his remarks.

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