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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Moi family will Rule from 2022 to 2042 Raymond moi claims

Gideon Moi will be president come 2022 his brother has revealed speaking during the weekend Raymond moi said that he will rule together with Gideon moi until 2042 after Uhuru terms ends.
"I hear some people speak, saying that the 
“It is over!”
“Come 2022, the Kikuyus are free agents to chose anyone they want to back, someone who will bring them peace and development, not based on paying back a debt.”
"Nyayo said KANU will rule for 100 years.”
“Uhuru is also in KANU (a former member) and he will do his 10 years, we have 90 remaining and Gideon (Baringo Senator Moi) will come and do his time as well and when he is done, as his older brother, I will also come in and do my 10 years," said Raymond.


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