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Friday, 2 February 2018

Kuria agrees with Raila for the first time

Moses kuria has told off NASA leaders led by kalonzo musyoka for leaving Raila Odinga when they needed him the most.
Odinga agreed be sworn in with a crowd of over 15000 people watching.
Here is powerful message shared by moses kuria warning kalonzo and other opportunists.
"Kalonzo wept. I have my differences with Tinga but I still do have profound respect for the man. My main beef with him emanates from the fact that whereas his place in history is cast in stone, he allows his supporters to cast stones at his place in history, literally. But as for Kalonzo Musyoka I have lost the scant respect I had for you. As in how dare you weep? On 29th January there was a heated argument between Raila and his three sisters-Kalonzo, Wetangula and Musalia. At the end of the day, they agreed to go to Uhuru Park but only on one condition- Raila had to publicly announce that he would not vie in 2022. All this time they were sending signals to all and sundry that they were trying to talk Raila out of his silly swearing in plan. Which, of course was dishonest and duplicitous. The three agreed with Baba to meet on the morning of 30th January to finalise on their 2022 renunciation demand. Come the morning of 30th January, Kalonzo and Musalia arrived at the Karen home of Wetangula. They try to call Jakom who was by that time at Dusit Hotel, Riverside. Raila refused to pick their calls. At around 2pm Baba calls them back and asks them to meet him at Uhuru Park. They thought it was a joke. With TVs switched off they had no way of knowing. Only to learn that Baba had taken the 'oath' while they were still having a threesome at Wetangula's. And now you dare cry! Tutigithie! On this I am with Tinga. Pretenders are worse than murderers."

Kalonzo musyoka failed to turn up when Odinga needed him the most.

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