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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Kenya will have new elections come August Raila now claims

The national super alliance have said that Kenya will hold new elections come August.
They are now planning peoples assembly to push the agenda which will culminate in new elections in August.
The comment was delivered by strategist David ndii who said that they will hold peoples assmblies across the country as from April which will culminate into the new elections come august
According to the star The People's Assembly coordinating committee said they will first hold five pending regional assemblies meetings across the country ahead of the major meeting.
"The People's Assembly will culminate into a presidential election not later than August 2018," David Ndii, chair of the coordinating committee, said on Wednesday..
Raila Odinga willingly boycotted elections in November a move which has greatly dented his political career.
NASA are now hoping to give hope to its supporters ahead of 2022 elections.

NASA leader Raila/courtesy

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