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Monday, 5 February 2018

5 Chilling Predictions by Mutahi Ngunyi That Came True

1.Tyranny of numbers
In 2013 Raila odinga was a front runner and if all factors were held constant he was set to win the elections by a great margin going by opinion polls.
But mutahi ngunyi came along and said opinion polls don't matter but tyranny of numbers will carry the day.And true to his word Kikuyu and kalenjin community turned out in large numbers and Uhuru won.
2.Maraga will nullify the elections
Maraga nullified Uhuru Kenyatta win on September 1, what most don't know is mutahi ngunyi had predicted that maraga will nullify the elections and try to orchestrate judicial coup.
It came to pass and we are here now
3.Predicted 2007 civil War
This is what he said before the 2007 elections
k of sounding crazy, I want to suggest the following: If we thought that Mr. Moi would plunge the country into civil strife, he proved us wrong. Narc (Then Kibaki’s Party) is the party to plunge the country into civil strife. You just have to listen to the FM stations and the call-in television programmes to see a pattern. From the name of the caller, you can almost predict what they will say and what side of the divide they will take. In a disputed election, such polarity would certainly take ugly proportions.”
4.New constitution will be unbearable
Mutahi ngunyi predicted that the new constitution will be unbearable and wage bill will rise to greater margin.
7 years later it has manifested itself and Kenyans cannot contain the wage bill which has risen to greater margins.
5. Raila will not participate in repeat elections
Before August 8 poll mutahi ngunyi had predicted that after maraga Nulifies elections Raila odinga will not participate in the repeat poll to make elections illegitimate and true to that he did not participate in the elections

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