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Sunday, 28 January 2018

DP Ruto powerful message to Raila ahead of swearing in ceremony

Raila has been dealt a major blow after dp ruto told him that the government does not recognize planned NASA rally which will be held on Tuesday.
He said that elections are over and Kenyans spent almost all of last year politicking and it is time to move on.
Ruto maintained that next election in Kenya will be held in 2022
THE GOVERNMENT does not recognise Raila’s planned swearing-in on Tuesday; elections are over and we are focussing on development, DP Ruto says."he maintained

Dp ruto was speaking during a church service where he said its time of development and job creation for millions of youths out there and urged NASA to drop their planned swearing in ceremony.

Raila and kalonzo have maintained they will be sworn in on January 30 an event which might change kenyas history.

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  1. Raila should give Kenyan's time to make up what they have been !ongoing for,its time for Raila to call it a day in politics. I've known Raila since I'm a child, now I'm fully grown up, I want to develop my self and my family. Raila, what will u do which u never delivered during your tenure in the past governments! U failed to serve only to loot billions from poor citizens of this nation. Raila stay away year to year politiking none stop! We are fed up of Raila news on n on