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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Uhuru lawyer asks Raila tough questions on Swearing in

Uhuru Kenyatta lawyer who represented him on both August 8 poll and October 26 poll has taken to twitter to ask Raila tough questions after he postponed his swearing in ceremony.
Here is what the lawyer said about Raila decision to postpone his swearing in ceremony.
"Now if you were elected the people's President how do you cancel your swearing? What does the Law persuant to which you were to be sworn says about this? When does your term of office start and end? Where will you be based?...difficult questions... ".

Odinga was expected to be sworn in as peoples president yesterday but he postponed it until further notice..
It is expected that odinga will never have his swearing in ceremony after it emerged that it amounts to night treason.
The postponement is definitely a infinite thing.It will never happen in this century

Photo: Billy mutahi/nation media group

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