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Monday, 11 December 2017

List of NASA leaders who might join Uhuru in jamhuri day celebration

NASA has been hit of late by defections and open defiance to opposition call for boycott of all government activities.
NASA had called for boycott of government activities including attending ceremonies and approving Uhuru Kenyatta government appointees.

But we have exclusive information on NASA governors who are likely to attend today jamhuri celebrations.
Transzoia governor will lead his county in celebrations of the event..
Patrick khaemba will most likely hold an event to mark the jamhuri day celebration.

Nanok turkana county Governor might attend the event with other leaders.
If he fails to attend the event he will most likely hold his own rally in turkana county.

Nanok was the only Governor who attended uhuru Kenyatta swearing In ceremony.

Tana river governor samboja will either attend or hold his own rally in tana river
Samboja defected to jubilee after winning the governor race.

1 mp from migori, 2 form ANC party and 1 from coast might attend to show open defiance to ODM which has been accused of favoring its party loyalists.

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