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Friday, 29 December 2017

Hessy Releases Photos of most Wanted Nairobi female thug

Today Kenyans woke up with hessy issuing threats to a female thug an acoomplice of mwane and teddy who were gunned down few months ago.
Here is what hessy shared.

"Before Teddy died this is one of the offences he had committed: well, on 12th November, 2017 during morning hrs, Teddy and two other thugs on a motorbike, car jacked a lady at gun point, undressed her akabaki necked pale junction ya kuingia Mihang'o,..threatened to rape her, the lady pleaded with them for her safety, then she was ordered to make some transactions ndo aende unhurt.
Teddy gave the said lady this no. 0719634367 then said "tuma pesa kwa iyo namba araka sana" meaning "send money to this number"....the lady was soo desperate nd left with no option than to cooperate. She sent 50,100/= as illustrated by mpesa statement. The number is registered with the name JOHN NJOROGE but the same same number is connected to two facebook accounts that belongs to a lady: Ric Champe Jr. (Champion bwoy) and Mum Ric. The same lady has a different phone number 0727886728.....this lady is still alive and kicking, seriously swallowing other pple's sweat,. Hessy Wa Kayole, Blackest Widow plus other officers, hebu tuchangamkie hii maneno faster sana,"

Hessy managed to track down the last and has released her photos.
Here are exclusive photos.

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