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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

10 most dangerous estates in Nairobi

Dandora tops this list hands down.Dandora is one if the dirtiest estates in Nairobi with the famous Dandora dumping site.
Apart from being the dirtiest, its home of most of the hardcore criminals in the capital city.
Most of the most feared gangstes in the country come from this area.

Famously known as 1960.It has produced some of the most brilliant minds In the music industry including kaligraph Jones a famous hip hop artiste.Apart from the talent, It is home of the Gaza gang which terrorizes nairobians.
Gaza gang leaders come from kayole.
Kayole is one of the Dangerous estates because of the high crime rates.

It is one of the largest slums in Africa. Apart of being one of the the largest slums the living conditions are not good and the famous flying toilets are common because of poor government structures to build permanent washrooms in the country.
Crime rate is also high In the region but not compared to Dandora and kayole.

It is predominantly lived by luo community.And just like kibera its one of the largest slums in Kenya.
It is one of the most dangerous because it is always affected by political clashes and crime rate is also high.

Eastleigh used to be one of the havens of Nairobi city, it used to be known as a place where you cab buy things at discounted price but that has changed has gangs have mushroomed in the area and crime rate is very high in the region.
Super power is one if the gangs dominating the region.

Kawangware is home of all counterfeit.It is understood that they even make counterfeit sodas.Kawangware crime rate is lower but number of conmen is very high.

Githurai is home for all illegal activities in the country. Its not a secret that most of the prostitutes operating in town come from this region.
Also The crime rate of this region can be compared to that of Dandora and kayole.

8. Majengo
Its near math are region. the crime rate at this region is very high. and it is believed that it is one of the region where youths are radicalized before being taken to join alshabaab.

9.Ngomongo estate
Almost everybody in this estate is a criminals.
Police no longer do patrols in this estate because the number of gangs is very high that it has overwhelmed police officers.

Just like mathare and kibera, it is one of the largest slums in the city, hygiene is not good and crime rate is very high.

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