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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Photos: Meet Nairobi most Stupid Thug who announces in Facebook when he escapes

He was one of the most ruthless and brutal thug.
Kevo lumidee was one of the most feared gangster and Nairobi.
And according to the standard limidee was the founder of Gaza gang, which terrorist residents in eastlands region.
Despite of his ruthless image lumidee had a soft side.
Here is what he posted few months before he was gunned down by police.
"i av a few days 2 live cz am in a criaz situation am if i dnt stop ts hobby am gona be dead plz god help me."
He was talking about his addiction to Thug life.

Another thing about him he was a kalenjin, he himself revealed in a post which he wrote

"Kevo Lumidee

I luv my hom riftvalley a beautiful land n i am proud 2 b a kalenjin n i was borm thea nandi district big up. Chamge baba."

His only weakness was announcing in Facebook after escaping.

Here is what he wrote after escaping.

"Kevo Lumidee

Gun shots at umo 1 stage 2 dead n me n my other 2 frnds escape ts police are aim on as everyday."

He made police work easier by constantly confessing in Facebook and was eventually gunned down.
Below is a screen shot

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